How a Casino Party Works

A Fantasy Casino where Guests Play for Fun and Not Money

Nothing beats the heart pounding excitement of casino action. Casino Party Aces brings that excitement to you.

Setting Up the Event

Casino Party Aces will need to arrive before the event to setup the tables and prepare for the party. The setup time should consider the event schedule, size of your party, and other vendor arrangements.

Getting Started with FUNNY MONEY

Each player will receive their initial bank roll of chips. Casino Party Aces chips have no real value. These chips do however have pretend value in your make-believe casino. The recommended starting amount is $10,000.

This is usually distributed by the host (you) at check in with a funny money bill or two $5,000 chips.  They take the starting funny money to the first table they wish to play.  The dealer will make change and give the player chips in multiple values.  They then can start playing.  The can also use those chips to move from table to table.

Casino Party Funny Money


Gaming runs for up to 3 hours.  Guests can go from game to game trying their luck.  If the player is not familiar with the game, the dealer will take time to explain the rules.

Betting Limits

The gaming tables have a betting limit. Near the end of the event the table limits can be lifted to create some last minute excitement.  At this time the host, MC, DJ or Pit Boss will announce “No Limit”.

Cashing Out

At the end of the gaming,  the tables will close.  The guests then turn in their chips for raffle tickets.  Players can go to any dealer that is available.  This will help speed up the process. The typical exchange value is $5,000 in funny money chips for one raffle ticket.  Depending on the type of raffle, the guest will get one-half (standard) or both halves (basket raffle).