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Welcome to Casino Party Aces

Let’s get your setup in our payroll system.  We need a little bit of information.

Please enter the address you would like to paycheck mailed.

Your Driver’s License number will be used to perform a background check to verify you eligibility.

Your Social Security Number will be used for Payroll Tax (IRS 1099) Reporting.

If you prefer, you can download the IRS FW9 PDF form (see below) and send that via USPS or email.  You can also send a pic of your driver’s license via USPS, or email.

I understand that I am hired as a 1099 Subcontractor.  When notified of opportunities to work, I have the option to decline the work, or choose to sign up.

I certify none of the following disqualifiers apply to me:

  1. Has a conviction for any violation of State or federal gambling laws within the five years prior to the date of employment.
  2. Has pending charges for any violation of State or federal gambling laws.
  3. Is subject to an active criminal or civil court order prohibiting involvement in gambling activities.
  4. Has a conviction for any felony.

I understand I will receive a 1099 form documenting my payments and I am responsible for all taxes required by law.

I have read the Dealer Guide and agree to follow the policies and procedures.

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