50 Guests
100 Guests200 Guests
2 Blackjack Tables4 Blackjack Tables8 Blackjack Tables
1 Roulette Table1 Roulette Table2 Roulette Tables
1 Craps Table1 Craps Table1 Craps Table
1 Texas Hold’em Poker Table1 Texas Hold’em Poker Table

2 Texas Hold’em Poker Tables

The Right Size Party

The configurations shown above are just examples.  Every party is unique.  We custom configure your party to fit your event’s program and goals.  There are a few bits of information that help guide the configuration process.

How many guests will be attending?

Estimating the number of guests is first step.  We use this information as a guide to the number of tables you will need.

Will food be served?

Wether you will be serving food before or during the gaming affects how many guests will be playing.  If you plan on a sit-down dinner before the gaming, once dinner is over everyone will be ready to play.  If you serve hors d’oeuvres during gaming, some guests will be getting food and eating requiring less tables.

Any other activities?

Activities like dancing, auctions, and other forms of entertainment also effect demand for playing spots.  Let us know if you plan to have additional activities.  If you are looking for additional things to do besides casino gaming, Casino Party Aces also has non-casino games available like Foosball, Billiards, Table Tennis, Wii, and more.

Which Tables to Choose

Casino Party Aces has most any game you would find in a Las Vegas casino.  Beyond Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Poker, we also have Let-it-Ride, Big Wheel, Money Wheel, Pai Gow, and Slots.  We can accommodate just about any game offered in a casino with a little notice.  Most people have their favorite casino games.

Getting the right mix of tables.

When you walk in to just about any real casino you will see a sea of Blackjack tables with some Craps and Roulette mixed in.  That is because Blackjack is by far the most popular game.  Generally you should have mostly Blackjack tables at your event.  If you event is small and you only have a few tables, at least one of them should be Blackjack.

What about those that don’t know how to play?

More than likely not all of your guests are jet-setting high-rollers.  Some may have never even played casino games before.  Well here is their chance to try some out.  Best of all, since it’s for fun, they cant lose any money.

Teaching new players is our favorite thing to do.

We love to introduce new players to games.  We take the time to explain the rules and encourage them to give it a shot.  As they learn the basics, will show them more complex bets.  Usually by the end of the night, they are playing like pros.


Our quotes are turn-key.  We bring all the tables, chips,  accessories and dealers that we need to put on a complete fantasy casino.

Tips are not included.  They are not required and are totally optional.  $20 per dealer is customary.

That totally depends on the number of tables and the complexity of the load in (loading docks, freight elevators, etc).  We generally need 1-2 hours.  We like to have all the setup done before guests are scheduled to arrive.  We will coordinate with you and the event venue to make sure load-in logistics finalized.

To book you party, first get a quote using the button on this page.  After that, just sign it and return it with your 50% deposit.  You can pay by credit card, check, cash, gold.