Real casinos love for you to take home their casino chips.  When you take home that $1 chip as a souvenir, or even that forgotten $5 or $25 stuck in the folds of your pants pocket that is pure profit for the casino.  But casinos are not the only ones that hope chips end up at home as a souvenir.   You can a unique and memorable souvenir for your casino party with custom casino grade chips.

Casino Party Aces has partnered with ICON, a leading casino chip manufacturer, to offer full-color custom casino-grade chips.  Chips can be customized on one or two sides. The chips can be used in your Casino Party Aces event as their starting chips, or as souvenir take-a-ways.

If you are hosting a charity fundraiser, you can add company logos to the chips to promote your sponsors.

Once purchased you own the chips and can use them year to year or even give them away as a prize.